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Things to Remember When Preparing to Graduate

Committee Selection

When selecting your MS or PhD committee there are some requirements of the Graduate College that need to be fulfilled.  For the MS committee a total of three members are required.   Of the three members, at least two tenure-track faculty must be from the University of Iowa and both of these must be current, active faculty members of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

For the PhD committee a total of five members are required.  Of the five members, at least four tenure-track faculty must be from the University of Iowa and at least two must be current, active faculty member of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

If any members do not have a faculty appointment (i.e. have a title of Research Scientist) or are from other academic institutions then permission must be requested from the Graduate College.  Kim Lebeck can help with processing the request.


If you are taking your comprehensive exam or are expecting to graduate you ALWAYS must be registered for something graduate-level in that session.  Even if it is the summer you must be registered.

If you are working towards a PhD and have completed your comprehensive exam you are required to be registered every spring and fall until you complete your degree.  In addition, the examination must be satisfactorily completed no later than the session prior to the session of graduation.

Any time you have questions, feel free to email or call  Kim Lebeck, 335-5647 or stop by the CEE department office in 4105 Seamans Center.

Civil & Environmental Engineering Graduate Program Subtracks 

Environmental Engineering and Science
Hydraulics and Water Resources
Structures, Mechanics and Materials
Sustainable Water Development
Transportation Infrastructure Systems