We encourage students with degrees from science, math and related fields to apply to our EES graduate program. The EES Program offers degrees in both Environmental Science (Option 1) and in Environmental Engineering (Option 2).  The primary difference is that the Environmental Engineering degree requires completion of several additional undergraduate engineering courses (which may be taken pass/fail).  In the past, students with undergraduate degrees in science that have completed these courses were eventually able to take the exams necessary to become a licensed engineer.

Option 1: Environmental Science Designation Course Requirements (MS and Ph.D).

The following courses are required for all graduate students in the EES graduate program, including those with undergraduate science/math degrees.  The transcript will designate the sub-track as Environmental Science. 

  1. College level Chemistry
  2. College level Physics
  3. College level Statistics
  4. Math through Differential Equations (Diff Eq’s can be taken during first year of graduate school)

Option 2: Environmental Engineering Designation Course Requirements (MS and Ph.D)

In addition to the Option 1 courses, the following courses are required for graduate students with undergraduate science degrees who wish to (i) receive the Environmental Engineering subtrack designation on transcript and (ii)  intend to apply to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam or the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Examination to become a licensed engineer. 

  1. Statics
  2. Thermodynamics
  3. Fluid Mechanics
  4. Hydrology & Hydraulics or Groundwater
  5. Probability and Statistics

Note that the EES Program provides this list of courses as a recommendation. We cannot guarantee approval of an individual’s application to take the exam.  That is a decision made by the State of Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau. The licensing board will only consider your application after you have completed a degree in engineering.  Therefore, we recommend that our students apply after they have been awarded their MS or Ph.D. from our program. We recommend that MS students apply to take the FE and Ph.D. students apply to take the PE.   For more information about the exams see www. ncees.org. See application instructions at www.state.ia.us/government/com/prof/engineer/home.html

Additional courses that we recommend for preparation for the FE include:

  1. Mechanics of deformable bodies
  2. Dynamics
  3. Computer programming