2015 Graduate Edgard Verdugo Excels in New Role

Edgard Verdugo received his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2015. While at The University of Iowa College of Engineering for his graduate degree, he researched how carbon nanotubes (small hollow cylindrical fibers) can be used in water treatment. Verdugo, now a Post-Doctoral Researcher for the Southern Nevada Water Authority, is working on research projects involving biological and non-biological activated carbon treatment for removal of newly emerging contaminants. His time at the College of Engineering proved useful in obtaining this position. “Iowa has a great community of researchers, professors, postdocs, and students that I learned from over the years,” said Verdugo. “I thank my advisors David Cwiertny and Rich Valentine for my successful graduate career, who fostered my development as a researcher and leader in a scientific field.” Verdugo has had two works published this year, one in June and the other in October.

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