IIHR Publishes Currents

IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering has published its 2014-2015 edition of Currents, an annual publication that reviews the people, research programs, and accomplishments of the College of Engineerings's world-renowned center for education, research, and public service focusing on hydraulic engineering and fluid mechanics.

This edition of Currents includes features on:

  • The American Society of Civil Engineers' Homecoming corn monument.
  • A tribute to K. B. Chandran, professor emeritus of biomedical engineering and retired faculty research engineer at IIHR.
  • Women in civil engineering.
  • Water quality: Iowa's invisible problem.
  • The Iowa Geological Society's rock library.
  • Flood Preparedness through the Iowa Flood Center.

To read the on-line, interactive edition of Currents, go to http://www.pageturnpro.com/University-of-Iowa-College-of-Engineering/64382-IIHR-Currents-Winter-2014-2015/index.html#1.