Two CEE PhD students receive Iowa Space Grant awards

Two Environmental Engineering PhD students (Claire Muerdter, advised by Greg LeFevre) and Hannah Molitor (advised by Jerry Schoor) received Iowa Space Grant awards.

Muerdter's project is titled: "Pollution Processing by Vegetation: Protecting Water, Food, and Environmental Quality." She describes her research in the following way:

"Space travel takes place in closed-loop systems, which benefit from vegetation that produces food and treats waste. My research addresses both functions." Read more about Muerdter's project.

Molitor's project is titled "Microalgae as a nutritious cattle feed supplement to sequester carbon dioxide and recover nutrients from wastewater." She describes her research in the following way:

"Conventional agriculture places significant demands on natural resources and is generally inefficient. As organisms with tolerance for varied conditions, microalgae (single-cell photosynthetic microorganisms) are a promising alternative to conventionally grown soy for more rapidly and sustainably produced protein-rich animal feed." Read more about Molitor's project.

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