Transportation Infrastructure

Admission Requirements | MS & PhD Requirements

The M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Transportation Infrastructure Engineering (TISE) are designed for those graduate students interested in developing specialized knowledge and skills that can be applied to the diverse set of issues associated with transportation infrastructure systems. In the U.S. and other countries as well, TISE is emerging as an area urgently needing the combined attention of universities, government, and private industry. The TISE research focus and graduate curriculum are geared toward developing appropriate methodologies for effectively solving complex and broad issues related to transportation infrastructure, and also, to educate engineers to implement the developed methodologies in practice.

The TISE faculty's collective areas of broad expertise are traffic simulation, infrastructure management system, pavement engineering, advanced construction materials, dynamic load and pavement simulation, intelligent sensors, nondestructive testing, optimal design, and winter highway maintenance. The TISE faculty and graduate students have access to Civil and Environmental laboratories, temperature-controlled testing facilities, laser and holographic laboratory, high-performance computing and graphics hardware, infrastructure management software, and civil materials laboratory. Opportunities for TISE graduate students to participate in faculty-led research exist at the following research centers and laboratories: Public Policy Center, Center for Computer Aided Design, National Advanced Driving Simulator, Electron Microscopy Center and the Image Analysis Facility.

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